Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shaleen Singhs unusual poetry Proprietary Pains

Shaleen Singh belongs to a small town of Budaun in the province of Uttar Pradesh in India. Post Colonial Poetry in India came in varied extent from the metropolis. Yes, there is definitely an invisible bond in ones creativity to the town or village of residence. The rustic surroundings of Budayun have influenced Shaleen’s poetry to a certain level.
The Indo-English Poetry Movement that dominated with a few names from the sixties to eighties has lost the anarchy that it professed. Instead poets like Shaleen Singh have brought their own vivid and iconoclastic imagery that defies any norm of poetry, grammar and even English. It is a poetry that is truly Indian. His poems are ultimate, radical and spoken in two or three words. They are like the hot wind that blows so often in summer at Budayun. Its searing effect is reflected on words that are immediate, poetry that seems to grow unhindered in unusual circumstances like the old Banyan tree in his house at Budayun.
Cover Watercolor by Amitabh Mitra, Poets Printery Publishing, South Africa
Dr Sunil Sharma's Comment
Happy New Year! And Congrats! Our Badaun Chhora (guy) goes global! Proprietray Pains' smooth journey to the firang S. Africa is real remarkable. Small town India--- a vital part of India Inc success story so far---debutes on international literary stage, and, with a bang. Visuals are also impressive. My best wishes for the young poet who clebrates pains and joys of living off centre, yet making it the centre of his vibrant intellectuo-emotional universe.
Aju Mukhopadhyay's Comment:
Dear Dr. Shaleen Kumar, Hearty congratulations on the occasion of the publication of your first collection of poems- Proprietary Pains- the title is unusual and interesting- I look forward to seeing the book in due course.Truely,
Aju Mukhopadhyay
Professor Bhaskaran Gavarappan's Comment:
Dear Professor,Wishes from my Heart to you and your wonderful book Proprietary Pains.It is really an achievement and reward for ur hardwork.Good Luck,
Comment of Dr J S Rathore (Former Vice Chancellor)
Our dear Shaleen K. Singh, Loving Jai Baba. Delighted to have a glimpse of your book's cover and comments by Amitabh Mitra. He says: "His poems are ultimate, radical and spoken in two three words." Great. Congratulations. Thanks for sending. This reminds me of famous Australian poet Francis Brabazon, who came in very close association of Meher Baba and is respected all over the world as one of His mandali. He became Meher Baba's poet. His poetry collections: Stay With God and The East-West Gathering are loved by all. He said that contact with Baba created a creartive surge in him and changed the course of his poetry. One of his poems addressed to Meher Baba - `O Glorious Eternal Ancient One' - is sung daily here as morning prayer.Beloved Meher Baba must now be very happy that now another poet joins His lovers. We do not use the words `disciples' or `followers' but say we are lovers of God, lovers of Meher Baba.- Prof.Rathore
Dr Stephen Gill comments
Stephen Gill
Graham Lancaster- A renowned Poet From S Africa Comments
Congratulations, Shaleen, This looks wonderful. A striking cover and I would like to read it.Do you still want me to review? Regards, Graham
Dr ram sharma comments:
dear shaleen,I became very happy to know more feather in your cap,i pray you will progress leaps and bounds
Dr Sunita Sinha comments:
That is wonderful
Dr Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal Comments:
Congratulations!!!Dr. Shaleen!!
Dr.Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal
Dr K V Dominic comments


Mamta Shenoy said...
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Mamta Shenoy said...

Congrats Dear ! It gives me immense pleasure to see u at this level . You really deserve a great applause .I m really proud to be associated with you since ur childhood .U have a dynamic and multi talented personality .Many times situations and circumstances were not favourable to you but u made your way out of adversity with such a dignity is really praise worthy . I wish you success in Life . May you always rise upward and create such a niche for yourself in the literary world that people in times to come always cherish
Keep Progressing and have a God blessed life


Dr Shaleen Kumar Singh said...

Revered Didi

I am thankful beyond measure to you as you are one of those whose valuable and guiding comments torch my path and loving blessings empower me in the hard times of dejection and despondency. In fact I should be proud of being associated with such a magnaniomous and kind persons around and above me.

Heart thanks and and deepest regards,


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I'm Gargi Saha. You can mail me at

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Congrats on your brilliant feat of publishing such a wonderful anthology!!!!I'm Gargi Saha.